Causes of TMD/TMJ Syndrome

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, also called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), is a disorder that is caused by injury or damage to your temporomandibular joint, which connects your jaw to your skull. There are several reasons why you may be experiencing TMJ syndrome, including recent teeth or jaw injuries, misalignment, arthritis, or teeth grinding at night or during the day. TMJ syndrome can also stem from poor posture, stress or anxiety, excessive gum chewing, and is also related to some sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea. TMD most commonly occurs in women between the ages of 20 and 40, but may occur to anyone at any age. A visit with your Carter Lake, Council Bluffs, and Omaha TMD dentist can reveal the likely causes of your TMJ syndrome.

Signs of TMD/TMJ Syndrome

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, you might have TMJ syndrome:

Jaw Symptoms

  • Pain in the jaw joint
  • Clicking of the jaw
  • Stiffness or soreness of jaw
  • Difficulty opening and closing your mouth
  • Crunching or grinding noise when chewing
  • Irregular sounds when yawning

Ear Symptoms

  • Popping sound in the ears
  • Tenderness of or pain in the ears
  • Ringing in the ears

Face, Head & Neck Symptoms

  • Pain in the temples or headaches
  • Frequent migraines
  • Neck and shoulder pain and aches
  • Face swelling or facial pain

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