Treatment Options

Your dental professionals at Omni Dental Centre are trained to provide expert treatment of TMJ syndrome. Our Carter Lake, Council Bluffs, and Omaha doctors are able to provide the oral health education and counseling necessary to help you understand the behaviours that might be causing your TMJ pain. This includes ceasing of teeth clenching, leaning on your chin, or biting your fingernails. When you come for a consultation, we’ll perform a complete assessment of your mouth and jaw in order to properly diagnose your situation and recommend the most effective solution.

Shar’s TMJ Syndrome Story

Our Omni Dental Centre patient, Shar, was suffering from uncomfortable jaw pain. When she came to our doctors for help, we were able to recognize her temporomandibular joint pain and provide TMJ treatment right in our Council Bluffs office. Learn more about how TMJ treatment helped Shar relieve tooth pain and improve her oral health and smile.

TMJ Treatment

Your TMJ syndrome treatment may include bite appliance therapy, splint therapy, physical therapy, joint and muscle assessment, and overall nutrition assessment.

Bite Appliance/Splint Therapy

Dr. Nensel and Dr. Jones can assess your jaw and design a custom-fit bite appliance that is unique to your jaw composition. A bite guard is a mouthpiece that can manage your bite and prevent you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. An oral splint has the same functions to protect your teeth and jaw, but is worn all the time. Both custom appliances can help put your teeth in the correct position.

Physical Therapy

We may recommend physical therapy treatments, which could include ultrasounds, moist heat and ice, and other physical exercises to stretch and strengthen the jaw muscles. These practices can help relieve soreness and improve jaw mobility. As a part of this treatment, you will learn relaxation techniques to help loosen up your jaw and reduce stress.

Joint & Muscle Assessment

To help ease the pain and soreness in your jaw muscles, we may recommend that you try treating your jaw with a warm or cold pack. Our dentists can also show you how to properly apply pressure and massage your jaw muscles to aid in easing the pain. You may also benefit from avoiding opening our mouth too wide, especially when yawning. The key to relieving jaw pain is relaxing the muscles as much as possible.

Nutrition Assessment

We are able to make recommendations to your diet and nutrition that can decrease the stress that is put onto your jaw. Recommendations may include eating a soft diet, cutting food into small pieces, and avoiding hard, chewy, or sticky foods. Some soft foods that you might want to incorporate into your diet are yogurt, soup, fish, cooked fruits and vegetables, and grains. We may also recommend supplements to your diet that promote muscle and joint healing.

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